Writing Samples

psi-logo Corporate Marketing Communications.  PowerSpeaking, Inc., a global company based in Silicon Valley that teaches presentation skills and provides executive coaching, wants crisp, engaging writing on their website and marketing materials.  WORDance has helped transform PowerSpeaking’s blog by injecting some pizzazz into its semimonthly posts.  Other ongoing projects include creating high-impact social media posts; revamping marketing collateral; and writing ad copy.  A recent project is a white paper titled, Circles of Light: Women’s Wisdom, a marketing piece for their Confident Speaking for Women workshop.  And here’s an article ghost-written for the founder, titled “Three-Minute Coach,” which was published in CIO magazine.
AH-Sonora Logo PR, Marketing and Internal Publications.  The nonprofit medical center was proud to promote, via press releases written by WORDance, a quality award from the American Diabetes Association for their diabetes education program, as well as an excellence award from the California Council on Excellence.  Past projects have included writing and copyediting for fundraising and event materials, service-line brochures, and online and print employee newsletters.
orange-juice Customer and Employee Communications.  The juice and natural food company always made sure their messages, like their products, “Nourish the Body Whole,” so their customer/point-of-sale product promotions and quarterly newsletter needed to be “tasty.”  Here’s a POS product flyer for a then-new drink:  Serious Ginseng™.  Read pieces from several editions of their customer newsletter:  E.A.R.T.H. College – Saving the Humid TropicsNourishing the Soul; and Seeds of Learning.  Odwalla’s monthly employee newsletter needed to capture the heart and soul of this passionate, community-minded company.  Sample articles:  a deep-sea donation for science and a profile of the humble banana.
Circuit Board High-tech Customer and Employee Communications.  During a 20-year career in Silicon Valley as a marketing and employee communications writer-editor, WORDance Principal Rachel Oppedahl worked and/or freelanced for such companies as Hewlett-Packard, Nortel Networks and Amdahl Corp.  Here are two customer application stories that appeared on disk-drive maker Quantum’s website:   Capturing the Images of Our LivesKidz Lead the Way; and two feature articles that ran in their monthly employee magazine:  $6M in Savings With “Distributor Online”The Cutting Edge of Customer Relationships.
Concha ceonothus Journalism.  Rachel has been a University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener for almost a decade and has published many articles about best-practice gardening in the regional newspaper and on the news website.  Here’s a sample article:  https://www.mymotherlode.com/news/local/1612496/workhorse-groundcovers-save-time-money-and-water.html
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